About Simpler

Simpler Consulting, L.P. is a leading global management consulting firm that helps companies improve processes to stimulate business-impacting results. Unlike traditional management consulting firms that specialize in developing strategy but fall short on execution, Simpler plays an active role helping clients to create an organizational culture that continuously seeks out opportunities to make improvements. With its proprietary Simpler Business System®, Simpler has delivered the fastest and most enduring Lean transformations at hundreds of organizations across a wide array of industries including manufacturing, government, insurance and healthcare.

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Simpler Consulting

For organizations seeking to drive breakthrough results

Simpler®, a Lean-focused consultancy, hold ourselves accountable for helping our clients achieve lasting, measurable results, and a culture of never-ending improvement. We create an organizational strategy that focuses on business excellence, creating a culture that strives to deliver defect-free quality, outstanding delivery, and compelling value.  With our proprietary Simpler Business System®, Simpler sensei deliver fast and enduring Lean transformations.

Simpler Online Kaizen Training

For individuals seeking to improve their personal capability

Simpler offers an online Lean (kaizen) training program to suit your needs.  We have three options for developing your Lean skills:  online short courses, Lean awareness certification, and Lean practitioner certification.